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Birmingham Comedy Festival, 5-14 October 2018

Sunday 7 October 2018

The Awkward Silence: Bufo Bufo

A dismembered corpse. Questions but no answers. An ancient and mysterious book. Patterns. Whispers from the shadows. Ciphers. Riddles. Short sentences. Too many? Possibly.

Bufo bufo.

Chicago, 1927, and something smells wrong. Freelance journalist Brad Donovan is determined to follow the whiff of conspiracy, but when he pulls up the city's floorboards, it turns out to be more rotten than he could have imagined.

Faced with the unholy relics of strange aeons, aided by his bookish ally Professor Paxton, Brad sets out to scoop his biggest story yet – and possibly his last.

Who really runs this city? What is the pattern to the obscene murders? And what does 'Narkle' mean? Bufo bufo.

***** - The New Current
**** "The performance is faultless" - Chortle
**** - Broadway Baby
"Go see The Awkward Silence or die in regret" - The Pajama Men
Shortlisted for BBC Writer's Prize

Old Joint Stock Theatre, 4 Temple Row West, Birmingham B2 5NY
Tel: 0121 200 1892
Tickets: £10
Doors: 3.40pm
Show: 4pm

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