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Birmingham Comedy Festival, 4-13 October 2019

Friday 11 to Saturday 12 October 2019

Wound Up Theatre: It'll Be Alt-Right On The Night

Greeny and Stevo grew up punks - squats, dumpster-diving and PVA-glue-spiked hair. But they've changed. No, f*ck that, the world's changed. One's a soyboy, one's a fascist, and, in a world of trigger warnings and snowflakes, conservatism is the new punk rock.

A story of social justice warriors and the far-right. With a jazz-punk score and a friendship ending in a Lidl car park with a punch-up and accusations of Nazism. Are they stupid? Dickheads? Or just on different sides of an impassable ideological divide.

From the team behind last year's Birmingham Comedy Festival hit, the acclaimed Bismillah! An ISIS Tragicomedy.

Old Joint Stock Theatre, 4 Temple Row West, Birmingham B2 5NY
T: 0121 200 0946
Tickets £13
Show starts: Fri 8pm; Sat 4pm & 8pm

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