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Birmingham Comedy Festival, 2-11 October 2020

Thursday 8 October 2020, available to watch online
Birmingham Comedy Festival meets ...
Foka Wolf

Birmingham-based street artist, satirist and provocateur Foka Wolf has been hiding his amusing and challenging artworks in plain sight for the best part of a decade. But the past 2-3 years have seen him rise in popularity massively, thanks to a series of viral headline-grabbing pieces that straddle the line between ridiculousness and plausibility.

Posters and billboards advertising everything from a Greggs themepark (complete with Sausage Rollercoaster) and free penis enlargements for 4x4 owners, to moped mugger lessons and voodoo classes for kids have prompted both howls of laughter ... as well as widespread anger and confusion from those who missed the joke.

Increasingly politicised, his works tackle such themes as fake news, conspiracy theories, society’s greed, class divisions, politics, and the unchecked influence of big business and mega-corporations.

We delve into how it all started, explore his many influences, and find out what might be next ....

Birmingham Comedy Festival Meets Foka Wolf.
Available to stream for free from Thursday 8 October 2020.

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