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Birmingham Comedy Festival presents The Goon Show


"Absolutely, utterly, 100% unmissable!" - The Goon Show Preservation Society

"Fantastic … a wonderful tribute to the original radio production" 4-stars - WHAT’S ON MAGAZINE

"Uncanny, so close to [the] original that it’s a little unnerving." – BREVIEW

"An uproariously inspired way to enjoy a wonderful English institution." - Birmingham Wire

"Mad brilliance" - Birmingham Mail

"GOONer be great!" - Coventry Telegraph and Birmingham Mail/ WowBrum

"Still packs in the laughs" - StageTalk Magazine

"What a great idea - why anyone hasn't done this before, heaven knows!" - WeekendNotes

"As far as cornerstones of modern British comedy go, The Goon Show is arguably one of the most revered. And funny." - Birmingham Review

"Filled with the familiar characters and surreal humour that made The Goons such a huge success." - Midlands What's On

"Truly classic stuff, and still utterly bonkers." - Yelp (Birmingham)

"The most influential British comedy series ever" - Stratford Herald

"Fabulous!" - BBC Radio Shropshire

"Recreate[s] the comic lunacy of Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe." - Inside Croydon

"I resign!" - Eccles

Includes reviews from 2014's limited run in Birmingham and Croydon.

The Goon Show Preservation Society

Goon and Back Again!

"The spirit of Goon Shows past has reawakened. Yes, the Goons are back again with the comedy series made famous by Messrs Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan.

"Every week seven million Goon Show listeners would tune in their minds' eye to its gallery of rascals and crackpots. Neddie Seagoon and friends (and enemies) would be put into impossible situations to spout bagfuls of logical nonsense to the strains of surreal sound effects and no-expense-spared Hollywood-style mood music. All of it revolutionized radio comedy and paved the way for the likes of Monty Python and Eddie Izzard.

"Resurrecting those radiophonic airwaves on stage are the combined forces of Birmingham Comedy Festival and Fred Theatre Company. Shut your eyes for a moment and you are suddenly at home listening to it on your Bakelite wireless set. Open your eyes again and you are catching what listeners missed.

"The black comedy, THE HOUSE OF TEETH (a personal favourite), originally sported the sinister tones of Valentine Dyall, once upon a time the infamous Man In Black in 'Appointment with Fear'. In The Goon Show he took the role of Dr Longdongle, a character who harbours an unhealthy interest in false teeth. If you possess a set, keep a sharp eye on them!

"THE JET-PROPELLED GUIDED NAAFI will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about firing off a missile containing vast stores of staff, pianos, tea and buttered crumpets to somewhere 6,000 miles up. As long as you don't interrupt Henry Crun when he isn't saying anything and you don't get distracted by the drains in Hackney, we should all sleep easy in our beds.

"To Goon Show fans everywhere, ying tong iddle i po. In other words, it's absolutely, utterly, 100% unmissable!"

John Repsch, Chairman, Goon Show Preservation Society

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