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Birmingham Comedy Festival, 7-16 October 2016

Sunday 9 October 2016

The Birmingham Comedy Festival (Free) Half-Dayer: Part 1

The first of two very special free half-dayers in two (almost) neighbouring venues in Birmingham city centre - Cherry Reds and The Victoria, in John Bright Street. All shows are FREE/ by donation/ Pay What You Want.


1.30pm - Hannah Silvester:
Setting The World On Fire and Other Hobbies

Hannah was Disneyfied from an early age, trying really hard to be beautiful, modest and kind. In 2016 she gave it all up to become a rapscallion.

2.45pm - Danny Clives and Lindsey Santoro:
Absolute Mess

A rib-tickling journey in two halves with Danny 'light breeze' Clives and Lindsey 'you're too loud, you've upset your nan' Santoro.

4pm - Craig Deeley:
Truly, Madly, Deeley

He doesn't want much in life: unlimited WiFi, clamouring adoration, and an absence of idiots - and it's this one Craig struggles with.

5.15pm - Mickey Sharma:
Sharma Sharma Sharma Sharma...Comedian!

Mickey explores his evolution from an Indian teenager to a British comedian. From dealing with that bogey word 'immigration' to just dealing with women.

Cherry Reds, 88-92 John Bright St, Bham B1 1BN


1.30pm - News With Jokes Live
A live recording of the top rated topical comedy podcast.

2.45pm - Gareth Berliner:
Gareth 44

Gareth's 44, his hair is receding like the rainforest, his forehead's rising like the world's tides, his is a face that represents global warming.

4pm - Karen Bayley:
Couch Potato To Comedian

After a significant birthday, Karen decided she had to do something. Follow her journey through rain, tears , sports bras and dog poo.

5.15pm - Ben Briggs:
Yes, I Really Just Said That

Briggs returns for an hour of dark, brash, confrontational, comedy; not for the easily offended, but always funny.

The Victoria, 48 John Bright St, Bham B1 1BN

Also see: Sunday 16 October 2016 - The Birmingham Comedy Festival (Free) Half-Dayer: Part 2. Back to Cherry Reds and The Victoria for 10 free shows featuring Josh Pugh, Masai Graham, Lucy Thompson, Foghorn Unscripted, John Pearson, Lovdev Barpaga, Phil Paggett, Daniel Nicholas, Jay Handley and James Cook.

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