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Birmingham Comedy Festival, 4-13 October 2019

Sunday 6 October 2019

Birmingham Comedy Festival Free Half-Dayer Part 1


1.15pm - Lovdev Barpaga: Pun Jabi
Do you like one-liners? Even though it's proper daft?
Lovdev promises a belly full of laughter with a show full of crazy stories and old-fashioned jokes.
"The 21st Century Asian Ken Goodwin" - Steve Bennett, Chortle
"One of the most brilliant daft comics you'll ever see" - Joe Lycett. / Lovdev

2.30pm - I'm Still Standing By Elton John By Eric Rushton
Don't you know? Eric Rushton is still standing. Better than he ever did. Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid. Join him for an hour of fast-paced, irony-laced, celibacy-based comedy.
Disclaimer: There are no guarantees Elton John will be a part of this performance.
Birmingham Comedy Festival Breaking Talent 2017 finalist. "Intriguing and amusing" – Chortle. / Eric

3.45pm - Hannah Silvester: Unmentionables
A stand-up comedy show about the stuff you shouldn't say out loud. Once again Birmingham-based up stand-up comedian will be airing her dirty linen in public in a new solo show.
With "Brummie charm and extreme likability" (Psychologies Magazine), and at times "Viciously, hilariously blunt" (Chortle), join Hannah as she swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. (May contain slight exaggeration for entertainment purposes) / Hannah

5pm - Jay Droch: #funnybrownman
Love, Life and Comedy! Birmingham style.
Join funny man Jay Droch, for a night of music, laughter and high energy entertainment! In his first ever 1 hour special, Jay will give you his unique perspective on life inspired by the multicultural melting pot that his home town - Birmingham! It's a celebration of culture and comedy from the realms of madness that is his mind! / Jay

Cherry Reds, 88-92 John Bright St, Birmingham B1 1BN


1.15pm - Rachel Burns: I Started A Joke
How me and Barry Gibb broke Twitter ...
Rachel was minding her own business one Sunday afternoon, watching Barry Gibb's performance at Glastonbury on TV. When she made a joke on Twitter about Barry performing loads of cover versions, she had no idea of the farce that would ensue. Misunderstandings, mansplaining and media attention soon followed. Before long it seemed like half of Twitter was joining in, with contributions from the likes of David Baddiel, Dara O' Briain, Gary Lineker, and some bloke called Keith with a shoe on his head. From The Last Leg to OK! Magazine, the story reached far and wide.
Join Rachel as she retells her story of going accidentally viral. Because sometimes it's funnier when people don't get the joke. / Rachel

2.30pm - Susan Murray: How Not To Die In A Plane Crash
Comedy show about plane crashes. No, really.
Fasten your seat belts for a darkly hilarious and deliciously bumpy ride. How Not to Die in a Plane Crash is the antidote to boring, life-affirming, feel-good motivational comedy. Come and listen to Susan's sweet dark soul as she makes you laugh and cry at the same time with her useful death defying survival tips, all wrapped up in fantastic jokes. Come and have a listen if you think you're brave enough.
'Anyone who loves the work of Sarah Millican and Kerry Godliman will find plenty to enjoy here' - Guardian
/ Susan

3.45pm - Rob Kemp: Jokes. Probably.
"Hey guys, it's October, and I definitely have a new thing cooking, and it might just be decent at this stage, but there's a possibility it won't be. It's hard to say. I have long fancied doing some live greenscreen, or Brewster's Millions Live, but conception of an idea is one thing, whereas dragging it to completion is something else entirely. I AM a trier though, and I will be stretching every fibre of my being to have something new, weird, and interesting for you to look at, and judge. I don't fancy my chances though. A full nuanced narrative? In October? You're having a laugh, mate. That's the hard sell done. See you there." / Rob

5pm - Good Kids
Brand new lively sketch comedy silliness from local wide-faced loons Good Kids.
Renegade double-act Good Kids return with their highly-anticipated new show. Expect songs, sketches, characters and a flippin' great time.
"Good Kids are a total blast!" **** - Fringe Guru
"A cleverly scripted piece that is very entertaining" **** - Liverpool Sound and Vision
"A really fab little sketch act" - Joe Lycett / Good Kids

The Victoria, John Bright Street, Birmingham B1 1BN

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