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Birmingham Comedy Festival, 5-14 October 2018

Sunday 14 October 2018

Jim Beam Highball presents:
Birmingham Comedy Festival Free Half-Dayer: Part 2

The second of two very special free half-dayers in two (almost) neighbouring venues in Birmingham city centre - Cherry Reds and The Victoria, in John Bright Street. All shows are FREE/ by donation/ Pay What You Want.


1.15pm - James Cook: Sarcasmic
Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, Birmingham’s very own James Cook presents his new hour of stand-up. It’s called 'Sarcasmic', so it must be like a sarcastic orgasm or something. He'll figure it out. @jamesecook

2.30pm - Hannah Silvester: Unique Child of the Universe
Join the award-winning comedian as she bangs on about all kinds of stuff for an hour in front of a lunch-time crowd. It’ll be lovely! @hansilvo

3.45pm - Gareth Berliner: I Paid For 50mins Of YOur Time
More tales from the comedian and Crossroads actor who combines personal anecdotes and observations with occasional surreal interludes. If you're a good audience, he may not ask for his money back ... @GarethBerliner

5pm - Mickey Sharma
An hour of tried and tested jokes. Mickey is a professional with five Edinburgh Fringe shows under his belt. He brings his best hour to Brum! @MickeyNSharma

Cherry Reds, 88-92 John Bright St, Birmingham B1 1BN


1.15pm - Fat Penguin Improv: The Armando Diaz Experience
Classic Chicago style long-form improvised comedy. The cast will ask for a suggestion from the audience and tell a true-life story inspired by that suggestion. Featuring some of the best performers in Birmingham. @FP_Improv

2.30pm - Josh and Phil's Knowledge Club
Stars of the Knowledge Club podcast, Josh Pugh and Phil Pagett, present a lecture on the importance of education. You'll find out why learning can be fun, fulfilling and why the University of East Coventry is so highly-regarded for its location, excellent parking and fully air-conditioned lecture halls. @LedgeClubCast

3.45pm - Rob Kemp's Wheel of Shows
Feeling the pressure of unexpected success last year with The Elvis Dead, Rob returns with the non-committal, imposter syndrome-motivated Wheel of Shows where he'll present one of ten shows. Will it be Beatlesjuice? Godzilla with puppets? Something self-referential set in a prison? @RobotKemp

5pm - Board Game Smackdown
The funniest festival comedians play board/ card/ party/ tabletop games live on stage. Hosted by award-winning comedian and UK board gaming champion James Cook. @jamesecook

Victoria, 48 John Bright St, Birmingham B1 1BN

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NB. The City Centre is easily accessible, but please be aware, if you are diving in today, of additional temporay road closures at key times due to The Great Birmingham Run. For more information, see:

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