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Birmingham Comedy Festival, 5-14 October 2018

Sunday 14 October 2018

Jim Beam Highball presents:
Birmingham Comedy Festival Free Half-Dayer: Part 2

The second of two very special free half-dayers in two (almost) neighbouring venues in Birmingham city centre - Cherry Reds and The Victoria, in John Bright Street. All shows are FREE/ by donation/ Pay What You Want.


1.15pm - James Cook: Sarcasmic
Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, Birmingham’s very own James Cook presents his new hour of stand-up. It’s called 'Sarcasmic', so it must be like a sarcastic orgasm or something. He'll figure it out. @jamesecook

2.30pm - Hannah Silvester: Unique Child of the Universe
Join the award-winning comedian as she bangs on about all kinds of stuff for an hour in front of a lunch-time crowd. It’ll be lovely! @hansilvo

3.45pm - Gareth Berliner: I Paid For 50mins Of YOur Time
More tales from the comedian and Crossroads actor who combines personal anecdotes and observations with occasional surreal interludes. If you're a good audience, he may not ask for his money back ... @GarethBerliner

5pm - Mickey Sharma
An hour of tried and tested jokes. Mickey is a professional with five Edinburgh Fringe shows under his belt. He brings his best hour to Brum! @MickeyNSharma

Cherry Reds, 88-92 John Bright St, Birmingham B1 1BN


1.15pm - Fat Penguin Improv: The Armando Diaz Experience
Classic Chicago style long-form improvised comedy. The cast will ask for a suggestion from the audience and tell a true-life story inspired by that suggestion. Featuring some of the best performers in Birmingham. @FP_Improv

2.30pm - Josh and Phil's Knowledge Club
Stars of the Knowledge Club podcast, Josh Pugh and Phil Pagett, present a lecture on the importance of education. You'll find out why learning can be fun, fulfilling and why the University of East Coventry is so highly-regarded for its location, excellent parking and fully air-conditioned lecture halls. @LedgeClubCast

3.45pm - Rob Kemp's Wheel of Shows
Feeling the pressure of unexpected success last year with The Elvis Dead, Rob returns with the non-committal, imposter syndrome-motivated Wheel of Shows where he'll present one of ten shows. Will it be Beatlesjuice? Godzilla with puppets? Something self-referential set in a prison? @RobotKemp

5pm - Board Game Smackdown
The funniest festival comedians play board/ card/ party/ tabletop games live on stage. Hosted by award-winning comedian and UK board gaming champion James Cook. @jamesecook

Victoria, 48 John Bright St, Birmingham B1 1BN

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