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Birmingham Comedy Festival, 4-13 October 2019

Sunday 13 October 2019

Birmingham Comedy Festival Free Half-Dayer Part 2


1.15pm - James Cook: The Show That Literally Nobody Tried To Ban
An hour of stand-up from a "top class comic" (Birmingham Mail) who has played over a thousand gigs across the UK. Sarcastic nonsense, ridiculous stories and crackpot theories from the Gary Delaney and Paul Sinha tour support. Should this show be banned? You decide! Preferably by coming to see it. / James

2.30pm - Trevor Lewis Presents: A Stand-up For The Mystery Hour
Trevor Lewis has been a tech at the Edinburgh Fringe for the last 10 years. He now picks one of his favourite acts to do their Edinburgh solo show, live. They could be from TV, or a top circuit act, or a new great up-and-comer. Who will it be? / MysteryHour

3.45pm - Danny Clives Is Looking To Bang
Join Danny for a talk/ hour of comedy where he will be discussing strawberry lip-balms, his goldfish Geoff and how impressive he thinks murder is. Danny has been tour support for Joe Lycett and Guz Khan, part of the Pleasance Comedy Reserve at the Edinburgh Fringe, nominated for Birmingham Comedy Festival's Breaking Talent Award, shortlisted for the BBC Comedy Award and performed at The Second City Theatre in Chicago.
'Hilarious and from Dudley!' - Lenny Henry / Danny

5pm - Sarah Johnson: Mum's Going To Ibiza
Would you go to a 50th Birthday Party in Ibiza? Sarah did!
If you were invited to a 50th Birthday party in Ibiza, would you go? Are you a party animal? Can you get a sitter for the kids? Can you get time off work? Have you got about £1k for a five-day trip? To help you decide, Sarah Johnson takes you on her journey and it's one you'll never forget. / Sarah

Cherry Reds, 88-92 John Bright Street, Birmingham B1 1BN


1.15pm - Foghorn Unscripted: An Improvised Murder
An improvised comedy murder mystery based on audience suggestions. Stories, laughter … and death!
With no script and no plot, Foghorn Unscripted and the audience create a classic whodunnit. Who dies horribly? Who is the murderer? What awful secrets are revealed? The audience are the puppet masters, and the fate of the characters are in your hands for this fun-filled grisly romp. Foghorn Unscripted is an established group of comedy improvisers from Birmingham. We perform stories, using nothing but suggestions from the audience and the power of our own imaginations. / Foghorn

2.30pm - Phil Pagett: Live In Concert
Phil Pagett returns for a new hour of quickfire one-liners. Join the acclaimed Birmingham gagsmith for an onslaught of silliness with a smattering of smut. / Phil

3.45pm - Craig Deeley: Literally The Joke
A show with jokes, and about jokes.
As a boy, Craig was constantly told, "It's all a joke to you." In this new stand-up show, he shows how he's made this his strategy for dealing with both the idiocies and delights of daily life, while at the same time dealing with those who seem convinced he doesn't get his own punchlines. / Craig

5pm - Board Game Smackdown
Comedians play board games live on stage! Join award-winning comedian and UK board game champion James Cook as he makes funny people play games for our pleasure. / Board Games

The Victoria, 48 John Bright St, Birmingham B1 1BN

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