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Birmingham Comedy Festival, 4-13 October 2019

Saturday 12 October 2019

Fat Penguin's Birmingham Comedy Festival Improvised Comedy All-Dayer

Join Fat Penguin and eight great improv groups from around the UK for a full day of hair-raising made-up-on-the-spot larks, concluding in a giant improv jam!

The Ol' Bill vs Coventry Improv
The Ol' Bill - A Post-Brexit Improvised Police Drama: In the dystopia of post-Brexit London, police carry guns, smoking is allowed indoors and there is a killer stalking the streets.
Coventry Improv: Tune in for this week's episode of Audience Decides Title our daytime drama.

Discount Comedy Checkout vs Stealing the Show
Discount Comedy Checkout: Running for 11 years, Leeds based improv group The Discount Comedy Checkout bring 5-star rated 100% raw and unscripted short form improv to the table! Expect all your wildest suggestions to be taken as they left no comedy stone unturned! You have been warned.
Stealing the Show Improv: Their high energy, playful style blends perfectly with the heist genre to create a killer comedy combination. Based on audience suggestions, Stealing The Show build a crack heist team, an impenetrable vault and perform a fantastic (more likely farcical) raid that will have you laughing all the way to the bank. What will they steal? How will they steal it? It's all up to you!

Up the Antics vs Mind Meld
Mind Meld: Comprised of Monica and David from Chester and Liam and Emily from Nottingham. They perform a Mind Meld with the audience, then use that as a suggestion for their set. They gravitate heavily towards the TJ & Dave style of not being heavy premise, but finding the scene in your partner and between the relationship of the characters.
Up the Antics: Bristol-based troupe who perform a monoscene, followed by a slacker. Heavily influenced by UCB style improv, with committed acting and grounded scenework.

Long Boi and the Noise vs Jazz Police
Long Boi and the Noise: Join Long Boi and The Noise as they conga-line into the ultimate combination of improvised comedy entertainment and party magic. Be dazzled by dramatic delights, marvel at the majesty of spontaneous sketch, and pin the fun on the evening with a host of games, giggles and great prizes.
The Jazz Police (Artists Formerly known as the Cuckolds): "Jazz Police, get in my office! You're a bunch of loose cannons, who are rocking the comedy boat! You've blown-up half of Bristol in pursuit of high quality longform improv, you're too dangerous! The mayor is on my ass about this, we need you to do your next show by the book...what?! No?! You're handing in your badge and fun?! Jazz Police! Get Back Here!"

Shaken, Not Stirred: The Birmingham Comedy Festival Improv Jam
Something of a grand finale as Fat Penguin and associates, along with performers from across the day, head to the stage for a massive jam! Never to be repeated frolics performed by comedy nerds!

The Patrick Kavanagh, 142 Trafalgar Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8BX
Free / donations

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