Sunday 8 October 2023

The Goon Show

Symphony Hall, Jennifer Blackwell Performance Space, 8 Centenary Square, Birmingham B1 2EA
Box Office: 0121 780 3333
Time: 7pm
Tickets: £15


Relive the lunacy of Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe as the cult BBC radio series that revolutionised British comedy returns to the stage for one night only!

Expect surreal humour, astounding sound effects, bizarre plot twists and such oddball characters as Eccles, Bluebottle, Grytpype-Thynne, Count Moriarty, Min and Crun, Bloodnok and Neddie Seagoon.

Celebrating the centenary of the birth of 'the forgotten Goon', Black Country-born scriptwriter/ co-creator, Larry Stephens, with two original Goon scripts from 1958 – The Moriarty Murder Mystery and The Seagoon Memoirs - performed live.

Plus Q&A with Julie Warren, author of It's All In The Mind: The Life and Legacy of Larry Stephens.

Ying tong iddle-i-po!


Birmingham Comedy Festival presents:
The Goon Show
Written by Larry Stephens and Maurice Wiltshire. Starring Richard Usher (Sellers), Mark Earby (Milligan) and Jimm Rennie (Seagoon). With Special Guest Ian Danter (Announcer/Greenslade). Original music by Jim Wynn. Produced/ directed by Dave Freak.

The Episodes:
The Moriarty Murder Mystery - There’s been a murder. But who is the murderer, and where is the body? Police Inspector Neddie Seagoon has just 24 hours to solve the case.
Written by Larry Stephens and Maurice Wiltshire. S8 Ep17. First broadcast 20 January 1958.

The Seagoon Memoirs - A chance meeting with Hercules Grytpype-Thynne and Count Moriarty inspires licenced piano driver and former Eighth Army ablutions orderly Neddie Seagoon to pen his war memoirs. But with secrets to reveal, Seagoon must be stopped!
Written by Larry Stephens and Maurice Wiltshire. S9 Ep7. First broadcast 19 December 1958.

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"Absolutely, utterly, 100% unmissable!"

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"Fantastic ... a wonderful tribute to the original radio production."

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