Sunday 13 October 2024

Laurel and Hardy at Home

Stourbridge Town Hall, Crown Centre, Crown Lane, Stourbridge DY8 1YE
Box Office: 01384 812812
Tickets: £9 (adult), £6 (child)

Laurel and Hardy: Brats

Three film classics starring the greatest double-act of all time, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, which find the duo involved in all manner of domestic mayhem.

Brats (1930) - With their wives away, Laurel and Hardy are enjoying a game of draughts. But how can they concentrate when their respective offspring, Little Stanley and Little Ollie, are at play? Featuring a double-role for the Boys.

Come Clean (1931) - Mr and Mrs Hardy are readying for a quiet romantic evening in, until their peace is rudely interrupted by the arrival of uninvited guests: Mr and Mrs Laurel. Who wants ice cream?

Helpmates (1932) - When Ollie's house is trashed after a wild party, can the hapless duo get everything cleaned up before Mrs Hardy returns home from her vacation at noon?

Introduced by John Ullah, Grand Sheik of The Laughing Gravy Tent (the Birmingham branch of the Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society), and author of This Is More Than I Can Stand, the biography of Laurel and Hardy co-star Charlie Hall, who was born in Ward End, Birmingham.

A Birmingham Comedy Festival presentation in association with The Laughing Gravy Tent, Birmingham.